Planting Empowerment featured in UNDP Report

The UNDP recently released a report entitled Latin America and the Carribean: A Biodiversity Superpower.

The report aims to "... assess and communicate the economic contribution of biodiversity and ecosystems services to development and equity in the region."

One of the UNDP's case studies features Planting Empowerment's innovative tenure model for forestry and development.

Specifically, the case study examines the business-as-usual (BAU) reality in PE's operating territory, including current smallholder development practices and sources of income. The study then presents the case for sustainable ecosystem management (SEM) vis a vis our tenure model, and quantifies the benefits to local communities above and beyond the BAU scenario.

We're honored to be a part of this report, and hope that it will drive the development of market-based approaches to forestry and biodiversity preservation.

Read the full report (pages 151-153)